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The MTDHOUSE Group concentrates its business units in the United States and Africa, mainly in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This geographic distribution allows the Group to access the best in technologies, suppliers, partners and resource, being able to implement in Africa a wide range of projects aligned with the most sophisticated in the world.

Currently, the Group develops projects mostly in an internal or external consortium format, increasing the efficiency of services and promoting optimized results for its clients. All companies in the Group operate with a constant focus on applying the best solutions for their customers.


Located in South Dakota, USA, the Company is the leader of the conglomerate and responsible for the top management of all projects. During the course of the projects, MTDHOUSE Investment is in charge of providing know-how, establishing strategic partnerships and ensuring access to the latest technologies; initiatives that guarantee the differentiation in the results of the services of all the companies of the Group and the best solutions delivered to the customer.

MTDHOUSE Consulting

Located in Miami, USA, it is a strategic consulting, management, and technology company. MTDHOUSE Consulting is responsible for ensuring the required excellence in the services developed by the Group, so that projects are carried out with great efficiency providing results aligned with the best practices worldwide.


Located in South Dakota, USA, it develops administrative and financial activities focused exclusively on the projects developed by the Group in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Operating in Angola and abroad, it is responsible for carrying out all services and management actions for local projects. In Angola, MTDHOUSE Systems has a technical team with more than 20 years of experience in the country, it has accumulated an important legacy of high-impact projects that help the Government in promoting economic and social development for the country.

MTDHOUSE Consulting RDC.

Operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo and abroad, it is responsible for the execution of all services and local management of turnkey projects. Operating in a country with around 100 million people, MTDHOUSE Consulting RDC is capable of delivering results on a large scale, with the same quality standard implemented in all projects undertaken by the Group.



Operating in different continents for 37 years, MTDHOUSE Group develops value-added solutions by creating and optimizing Public Management tools through an integrated and interdisciplinary model of competencies that values each component of the project, from the initial conception to its implementation.


The MTDHOUSE Group maintains its focus on systematically increasing the quality of the services it provides, resulting in a very strict quality standard. To this end, all of the company's projects undergo quality audits carried out by internationally renowned companies and institutions.

The Group also operates with several technological partners of recognized technical competence worldwide. As well as, with experienced collaborators in different areas.

Since its creation, the Group's vision has been to invest heavily in the human resources of the countries where it operates, integrating them in an intensive and continuous training process that accompanies the entire implementation timeline of all projects.


The MTDHOUSE Group began its activities in Brazil with MTDHOUSE Sistemas, in the 1980s. The company quickly stood out for developing results through the use of technologies that became known as turning points in the adequacy and improvement of business and government management.

In the late 1990s, the MTDHOUSE Group started its activities in the African continent, through initiatives focused mainly in Angola. The quality implemented by the Group's companies, along with the scenario of national reconstruction that characterized the post-war period in Angola, quickly gave results. Already in the early 2000s, the Group's companies started to carry out important projects for the country, with results of great impact for different Ministries, government institutions, and, above all, the citizens.

In their operations in the country, MTDHOUSE Systems and the other companies of the Group have served institutions of national relevance, including the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the National Institute of Social Security, the Ministry of Health, the Nacional Press, the Court of Auditors, the National Institute of Support for Small and Medium-Sized Companies, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of the Interior.

Due to the quality of the results achieved by the Group's companies, some of the projects received international recognition, resulting in important awards for the Group.

Currently, the Group's companies are located in the United States of America, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which allows the projects developed in Africa to be conceived and carried out using the world's best know-how, resources, systems, services, and solutions.

Our Mission

To implement robust, integrated, and innovative solutions to the countries major development challenges, providing improved efficiency and effectiveness in public management, resulting in the promotion of economic and social development in the countries where it operates.


To offer complete and integrated solutions, committed to the result of each service provided. Monitor all processes carried out, making adjustments and implementing the necessary improvements, inherent in highly complex projects.

What Distinguishes Us

Our Result

Promoting the development of government institutions and countries, as well as valuing citizens, always aiming at building a better future for populations, through technologies, processes and the provision of excellent services.

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