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We create solutions in the areas of technology and infrastructure for the development of countries. We do a deep analysis of the scenario, needs, and possibilities, from which we develop the strategies and implement the most efficient solutions, both for the present moment and for future needs.

We always focus on developing solutions capable of improving management tools and services provided to the population, promoting an improvement in the citizen's quality of life.

At the end of each contract, the companies of the MTDHOUSE Group implement a knowledge transfer program to the client and promote the delivery of all equipment and systems, so that the services, structures and systems created throughout the project continue to offer the best results.


We use the very best in information technology for the creation or improvement of government management and control tools. We act to develop and improve the provision of government services to citizens and companies, and for technology tools to bring government closer to the citizen.


The MTDHOUSE Group implements solutions in turnkey model, providing complete solutions including hardware, software, systems development, data security, infrastructures, equipment, human resources, training, knowledge transfer, logistics, processes, management tools and communication campaigns.


Aiming to offer the most innovative and safe solution applied in each project, the MTDHOUSE Group has signed a partnership with Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda de Portugal (INCM), world reference in stamps, cards and security prints, to supply cards with data chip and a variety of physical and digital security attributes; security stamps for goods control; passports that meet the most advanced security systems, and a wide range of other types of security prints.


Thus, the Group reinforces its commitment to deliver the best and most secure systems and products to governments and citizens.


The MTDHOUSE group has a wide network of collaborators and partners that join their own staff to offer the best and most up-to-date solutions for the Demographic Census, besides other specific demands related to demographic and population surveys.


The MTDHOUSE Group uses the most advanced technological and management tools to offer a wide support for the creation or improvement of the entire Social Security system. The companies act from the organizational diagnosis, actuarial studies, strategic planning, structuring and management of human resources; to the implementation of infrastructure solutions, systems, hardware, data communication network, development of products and services, management of public attendance and communication and marketing campaigns to inform and mobilize the different publics.

All the services developed are intended to create sustainable systems, with efficient management, able to offer more to the manager and the pensioner, adequate to the needs of the present and the challenges of the future.


The projects carried out by the MTDHOUSE Group in the Identification and Civil Registry area are customized and offer the necessary results in a short term and the bases to meet the most complex challenges of the future.


The solutions developed by the Group consider all the required domains for the success of each project: equipment, systems, data interoperability, biometric security, data center structuring, citizen service stations, consumables, logistics, management, recruitment, training, and knowledge transfer, as well as the communication actions to inform and mobilize the different audiences.


In the health area, the Group offers the best in the development of solid, integrated and complementary systems, as well as in the creation and modernization of structures and health units that are always aligned with the most efficient equipment, management, human resources, techniques, procedures, consumables, logistics, and communication.

From an integrated analysis of the health system and the specific demands of the project, the MTDHOUSE Group plans and implements the solutions for the best possible care to the population. The Group has extensive experience with health projects in developing countries, with specific realities and challenges.


The MTDHOUSE Group conducts studies and develops complete solutions for the most different areas of Public Administration, always aiming to improve the management, control and administration tools for governments, and to provide outstanding services to improve the quality of life of the population, both in the short and long term.


Every day the world is challenged by more and better structured and highly qualified organizations with the purpose of stealing or damaging data. The MTDHOUSE Group, besides elaborating all its solutions with very high security level in the most varied domains, uses all its own capacity and a network composed of some of the best companies in the sector worldwide, to develop specific solutions in this area.

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