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PROSEFA is the main tool of the Angolan State for fiscal control and protection against counterfeit and smuggled products in the market of alcoholic beverages and liquids, sugary drinks, tobacco and its substitutes.

In the Program, the MTDHOUSE Group acts together with Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda de Portugal for the Angolan Government in a broad Project that covers the conception, design, printing, supply, distribution and delivery services of Tax Stamps of alcoholic beverages and liquids, tobacco and its manufactured substitutes, as well as maintenance and telecommunication services, support, development of solutions, systems, computer equipment, and human resources training focused on ensuring the implementation and management of the entire operation inherent to the realization of the National High Security Tax Stamps Program - PROSEFA.


In the area of Civil Identification in Angola, the Group played a crucial role with the implementation of the Program to Reformulate the Issuance of Identity Cards and Modernize the Criminal Registry. A complex program, carried out between the years 2009 and 2017, which included all the operations required to serve the population and the needs of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Angola.

The program resulted in the creation of the necessary structures for the country to have a reliable document with a qualified database of its population. In this period of time, the program for which the Group was responsible also issued and delivered the Identity Card to more than half of the country's population.

The whole system was designed to provide the citizen with the Identity Card at the same moment of their request, anywhere in the country and, for that, the MTDHOUSE Group was responsible for:

  • Create and manage all areas of the program;

  • Develop the computer systems and applications for the issue of the Identity Card, Criminal Registry Certificates and support operations, with all the required security, speed and relevance;

  • Design, implement and manage two data centers: primary and recovery;

  • Manage the biometric identification database of the entire Angolan population;

  • Implement the platform for sharing information with external entities;

  • Create and manage the call-center to answer the population and the help desk for the program's operational areas distributed in all regions of the country;

  • Manage the citizen service processes;

  • Supply and maintain the IT park, equipment, infrastructure, and personnel for 250 service stations, fixed and mobile, distributed throughout the country;

  • Digitalize and index the old files of the Identity Card, as well as the Criminal Records;

  • Implement the ID issuing stations in Embassies and Consulates;

  • Develop awareness campaigns for the population to encourage all citizens to apply for their Identity Cards.


In the area of Social Security, the MTDHOUSE Group acted, between the years 2005 and 2019, in the implementation of the modernization, sustainability and management projects of Angola's Social Security, which included activities in the following areas:

  • Organizational diagnosis;

  • Strategic planning;

  • Systems development;

  • Human and financial resources management;

  • Management and training of the Institute's teams;

  • Actuarial studies elaboration;

  • Infrastructure creation and deployment of data communication networks;

  • Creation of products and services;

  • Informatization;

  • Public Service Management.

As a result, the country's INSS registered during the period an accumulated growth of 1,500% in the number of contributors and an approximate increase of 410% in the number of protected people, and improved the system's sustainability indexes, which resulted in the creation of more benefits for pensioners.