In the area of Citizen Identification, in partnership with DGM Sistemas, MTDHOUSE Systems acted in the implementation of the Program for Reformulation of Identity Card Issuance and Upgrade of Criminal Records including: design and management of the program; development of computer systems for Issuing Identity Cards and Criminal Clearance Records; creation of the database interoperability system with other government institutions; implementation of more than 200 Identity Card and Criminal Record issuing stations throughout the country (fixed and mobile); digitization and indexing of the old Identity Card processes; digitization and indexing of 300,000 judicial records, equivalent to more than 3 million images; implementation of Issuing Stations in Embassies and Consulates of Angola; management of Citizen Assistance processes; awareness-raising campaigns for the Issuance of Identity Cards; issuing and delivering more than 8 million Identity Cards and more than 2 million Criminal Clearance Records; supply of all the computer equipment of the Issuing Stations; implementation and management of the Data Centre; management of the biometric identification database of the Angolan population.
This project has received significant international recognition, being considered one of the most important and qualified in the world, being the recipient of awards from Microsoft and Global Security News, a leading American publication specialised in the field.


In the ​​Social Security area, in partnership with AngolaPrev, MTDHOUSE Systems has been implementing Projects and Programs for Social Security Modernisation, Sustainability and Management since 2005, which comprise the design and implementation of the Institute’s Organisational Structure; review and updating of Social Security legislation in Angola; preparation of actuarial studies, development of computer systems; qualification of technical personnel, including training held overseas; implementation of Assistance Agencies in the provinces; supply of all computer equipment; implementation of the Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Central; design and installation of data and electrical networks (local and remote); selection and recruitment of employees; training of the Institute’s staff; digitization, indexing and processing for the granting of benefits and retirement pension processes; operational support for all the Institute’s management activities; development and maintenance of Management Systems; creation of customer service channels; awareness campaigns about the Social Security importance and benefits; management of the IT area for the granting of benefits; IT management to control financial revenues; document management and general archiving.
As a result, Angola’s INSS registered an accumulated growth of 1,500% in the number of taxpayers and an approximate increase of 410% in the number of protected people in the first 12 years of its operation. Thus, in addition to offering an increasingly better service to the population, the system maintains an excellent sustainability index, which guarantees the full Social Security functionality and the creation of new and better benefits for its recipients.


Directly contracted by the Angolan Ministry of Planning, MTDHOUSE Systems was responsible for reorganising the structures and the computerisation of the Documentation and Information Centre of the Ministry; as contractor for the Ministry of Commerce, we carried out the reorganisation and computerisation of the Internal Trade, Import, Export, Business Registration and Business Licence Issuance; we also carried out the reorganisation and computerisation of the Documentation and Information Centre of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet.