The MTDHOUSE Group operates in the information technology and systems development segments, in the implementation of infrastructures for the modernization of government institutions and governmental programs and actions to provide quality services to the populations from developing countries in the world.
The MTDHOUSE Group has developed important projects in the last 30 years for large organisations and institutions representing business segments and governments in different parts of the world, acting directly as the main contractor or as a partner of other companies. Its employees are renowned for their expertise in various activity fields: project management, development of computer systems and functional management, high finance, economics, accounting, actuarial science, statistics, human resources, marketing, social security and information technology.


The implementation of robust solutions in order to respond to the great challenges of developing countries is the main mission of MTDHOUSE Group companies. The Group prioritises the offer of complete solutions, in order to attend the most different areas related to each technological project, from strategic planning, management and infrastructure actions, including the areas of marketing and communication.


We are committed to the outcome of each service we provide, from the initial design and throughout all stages, always prioritising the follow-up of results and making the necessary improvements, a feature of all highly complex projects.


We promote development and citizenship to meet our commitment: building a better future through technologies, processes and services. The MTDHOUSE Systems Results are our greatest pride, especially when we mention our actions in the African Continent

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The strategic partners for its projects and programs are among the most prestigious technology and consulting companies in the world: